sbrenneis (sbrenneis) wrote,

Here I am

Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

Let's see. The economy still sucks, and politicians still think they can fix it. If they can figure out how to get that trillion dollars in bailouts back from the investment bankers and re-insert it into the private sector, they might just have something.

The republicrats are fronting their usual gaggle of dimwits and chuckle-heads. The news media is pretending that this election really is different from all the rest and that it actually matters. The two factions of the party are still pointing fingers at one another. I think they have started sticking out their tongues too. They assert that either keeping or repealing Obama care, depending on what color shirt they are wearing, will ruin the country. Looks like we're doomed either way we go.

The red shirt guys are keeping the tradition of their team's scandalous subject matter alive. They always seem to get caught in sex scandals, while the blue teams guys are always getting nabbed with their hands in the cookie jar. Entire freight trains full of irony in that, by the way. It seems that Mr. Cain, one of the red shirt dimwits, can't seem to keep his junk in his pants. The real question in all of this is, of course, who cares?

Anyway, it's like Kurt Vonnegut used to say: "And so it goes..."
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